ipc global solutions is iso 9001 certified company
Taunton, MA May 3, 2017 – IPC Global Solutions has successfully completed its annual ISO 9001:2008 surveillance audit program. The external audit was conducted by CIC Management LLC and supports IPC’s certificate in effect until September 15, 2018. IPC has now been certified for 15 years. For the past 15 years, IPC has leveraged its ISO certification and the discipline it has provided for the organization to build a core business focused on quality and customer satisfaction. With a robust quality system in place, IPC has empowered its employees to serve its customers and meet their ever-changing requirements.

Successful confirmation of IPC’s ISO 9001:2008 program demonstrates IPC’s quality tradition as a first in class supplier to the aftermarket. “We are very excited to continue our ISO 9001:2008 program” says Mike Kennedy, IPC’s President. “Our team works hard to leverage the best parts of our quality system in an effort to service our customers. I commend our quality team and our
business operations managers for their leadership and thoughtfulness in implementing, updating, and living the core philosophies of our quality system.”

“Quality systems are about saying what you do and doing what you say” Kennedy continued. “I am proud that we say what we do and do what we say every day for our customers. We would not want it any other way. Up next is work on the ISO 9001:2015 standard which we are equally excited about implementing in our business.”

IPC Global Solutions, headquartered in Taunton, MA is a leader in the private label filter and wiper blade business. With a 35-year heritage of supporting the very best names in the aftermarket, IPC has built its success on delivering quality and service to customers all around the world. IPC is an ISO9001:2008 certified company with distribution facilities in Taunton, MA, St. Louis, MO, Los Angeles, CA, Brownsville, TX, and Shanghai, PRC.

For more information about IPC Global Solutions, visit their website at www.ipcglobalsolutions.com. ###