Taunton, MA September 7th, 2017 – In coordination with the Refugio County Texas Disaster Fund, as well as longtime distributor-partner Arnold Oil Company of Corpus Christi, Texas, the team at IPC Global Solutions of Taunton, MA has donated $2,000 in cash along with 3 pallets of supplies and disaster relief materials to those in need after the Hurricane Harvey disaster. Arnold Oil Company is championing the local effort and assisting with the distribution of the donated items to the Refugio County area first responders and affected residents.

“The heartbreaking loss of life, disruption of families and property damage that we have all witnessed in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is simply overwhelming,” said Michael Bowden, CEO of IPC Global Solutions.  “I am extremely proud of the team here at IPC for their generosity and outreach to our fellow citizens in the Houston area in this time of such losses.  We’re thankful to have such great partners at Arnold Oil and our thoughts and best wishes are with all of those affected by this disaster.”

“The automotive aftermarket is a large community and we all need to find ways to reach out to and lend support to those affected by the hurricane damages”, said Mike Kennedy, President and COO of IPC Global Solutions.

“The needs of those affected will go on for long after the news cycle has moved on so we must remain steadfast in our support.  We also must keep our friends in the Southeast in mind as the hurricane season continues to bear down upon us.”

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