Taunton, MA, October 8th, 2016 – IPC Global Solutions, a major global private label filter manufacturer and supplier of other consumable aftermarket products is celebrating its 30th anniversary in October.  Originally incorporated on October 8th, 1986, IPC Global Solutions was carved out of a larger organization that had been importing automotive components of all types from original equipment factories around the world since 1967.

IPC was a pioneer in importing automotive aftermarket parts long before aftermarket parts importing became the norm.  In fact, in the early days IPC imported almost every part type on a vehicle including clutches, water pumps, brake calipers and rotors, rotating electric, oil pumps, windshield glass and, of course, filters of all types.  After developing successful co-man relationships with major filter manufacturers in the U.S.A. IPC’s focus narrowed to filtration products and other consumable goods including wiper blades and glow plugs. Today, IPC is a major private label filter manufacturer and consumable goods supplier with over 100 employees in the U.S.A. and China.

“When I wrote the business plan for IPC back in 1986, I could never have imagined the success story it has become today.” Says Mike Bowden, CEO of IPC Global Solutions.  “In 30 years, with the support of so many outstanding employees, customers and friends in the aftermarket – and of course a little luck – we have successfully navigated market challenges and business changes to position IPC for continued growth into the future. I couldn’t be more proud of the IPC Team and what we have built or more excited for what the future holds.”

About IPC Global Solutions

IPC Global Solutions, headquartered in Taunton, MA is a leader in the private label filter business.  With a more than three decade heritage of supporting the best names in the filter business, IPC has built its success on delivering quality and service to customers all around the world.  IPC is an ISO9001:2008 certified company with distribution facilities in Taunton, MA, St. Louis, MO, Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA and Shanghai, PRC.

For more information about IPC Global Solutions visit their website at www.ipcglobalsolutions.com. ###