BRIDGEWATER, MA — IPC Global Solutions is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The company specializes in providing private-label solutions for U.S.-based filter producers and provides a full line of filters to the automotive retail, warehouse distribution, programmed distribution, heavy-duty and commercial market channels.

“As aftermarket companies look outside the borders of the U.S. to source low-cost products, this is a discipline we have mastered during the last 20 years of business,” said Michael Bowden, president and CEO, IPC Global Solutions.

“We are excited to celebrate our 20th anniversary and we want the industry to know of our established presence in eight countries, engineering and manufacturing filtration products in 22 different factories. We make access to the world’s manufacturing capacity a seamless exercise for our customers because we have vast experience in managing a network of manufacturers all over the world. We have already qualified and developed global manufacturers to the point where their products meet the quality requirements of our customers in the United States and abroad.”

As a result, Bowden says companies can tap into IPC’s product and process engineering expertise and ability to manage and deliver complete filtration programs for its customers. IPC offers a full-line solution of air, cabin air, oil, fuel, hydraulic and transmission filter products. “Our custom-designed products and fulfillment services further add to our ability to help customers enhance their competitive position in their respective markets,” said Bowden.

“We will be putting forth significant resources to let the industry know of our highly competitive pricing and our aggressive introduction of late-model application numbers to our stocking decisions,” Bowden said. “Plus, we offer many value-added services such as vendor managed inventory, electronic data compliance with AAIA standards and supply chain management.”

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About IPC Global Solutions
For over 35 years, IPC Global Solutions has provided leadership in vehicular filtration products. As a private label specialist, IPC is a value-added supplier to major U.S. based filter producers with vendor managed inventory, EDI and complete supply chain management to the automotive and heavy duty aftermarket. IPC offers a full line solution within air, cabin air, oil, fuel, hydraulic and transmission filtration. ISO 9001-2000 certified, IPC engineers and manufactures products through 22 different factories in eight countries. IPC Global Solutions corporate headquarters and warehouse/fulfillment facilities are located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts; with distribution facilities located in Brownsville, Texas and Wales, England.

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