IPC Global Solutions was founded in 1986 as a pioneer in the global manufacture and importation of aftermarket automotive products.

We are committed to creating a high performance, innovative and rewarding culture for our employees. We believe that our people provide the inspiration for our company and its success.

We strive for innovation in filtration from the functionality and effectiveness of the products that we source to the business-building programs that we manage.

IPC Global Solutions is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our quality system enables continuous improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and reduction of waste and errors from manufacture to delivery.

Track Record

IPC Global Solutions has a three-decade long record as a leader in the manufacturing and supply chain management of filters from low-cost regions of the world.

Continuous Improvement

We create long term opportunities for our employees, customers and stakeholders through continuous pursuit of operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Our experienced team of aftermarket experts comes from a wide array of professional backgrounds, but we all have one belief in common: Customer satisfaction is the single most important metric for assessing our success.

Global Culture

Our teams in the US and China are well integrated for a strong culture of cross-functional collaboration.