Program Support

Providing reliable program support to
ensure our customers succeed.

Air Filter 01Our customers rely on IPC to provide not only the products that enable them to maintain a leading position in price, quality, and supply, but also the support that allows our customers to focus on what's important to them – their business. We provide comprehensive technical support, application support, and product education to help our customers succeed with their lines.

Our product support includes:

  • Engineering and technical support from US-based engineers
  • Private access intranet for exchange of development resources, reports, and test results
  • Product training and documentation
  • Cataloging, e-cataloging
  • Toll free 800 technical support

Engineering support.

Oil FiltersOne of the hurdles of sourcing products from low-cost countries is getting timely and accurate engineering support. Issues of language and personnel availability can make getting the support necessary to maintain product launches and delivery difficult.
IPC Global Solutions maintains engineering support staff in the USA to ensure our customers have access to the expertise they need to support their lines, when and where they need it. We make our personnel available through toll-free 800 tech support lines.
In addition, we maintain a private access intranet that allows an efficient and secure exchange of technical information, documentation, test results and reports. And, we provide complete technical documentation for all our products.

Application support.

Cabin FiltersComplete accurate, and timely application support is necessary to make any automotive product program successful. IPC Global Solutions provides customers with complete print and e-catalog data in AAIA format. In addition, we help our customers by identifying new applications as they come onto the market.