Fuel Filters

Made to meet OEM fit and to meet or exceed OEM filter performance.

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E85 flex fuel, CNG, Diesel and regular gasoline. Covers all automotive and light duty truck applications. Fuel filters range in style and function from carbureted to injected and from plastic to various steel requirements. The range of fuel filters for the North American market is broad and multiple sources are required to fill the range adequately with quality product. IPC has identified the best qualified sources to meet the needs of this category and at pricing that will surely meet your needs. Many automakers have begun migrating to "in tank" fuel filter technologies and IPC is capable of delivering these latest requirements to our customers and thereby keep them competitive and on the leading edge of the market.

From OEM direct replacement with all brackets and hoses, to “old school” in carburetor cartridges. Also molded Nylon designs

High efficiency protects costly fuel injection components.

Adhesive used is resistant to harmful additives, which ensures life-long integrity of the filter