Glow Plugs

Over 200 part numbers for automotive and
industrial applications.

Glow PlugsGlow Plugs

A Diesel engine needs a Glow Plug, a type of pre-heater, to heat each combustion chamber of the engine in cold conditions and thereby help to start the compression ignition process at cold start. There are two types of glow plugs in the market today – sheathed glow plugs and open coil glow plugs.

Sheathed Glow Plugs – This style of plug aids in the combustion process by heating itself to as much as 1800 degrees F in less than 10 seconds and then regulating itself to stay at the appropriate temperature. It is a high performance tubular heating element that heats the combustion chamber itself where the actual combustion process takes place.

Open Coil Glow Plugs – These plugs work by pre-heating the intake manifold air to assist in cold starting. They are not contained in the combustion chamber itself and therefore allow for a less complex design.

IPC Global Solutions supplies a complete range of glow plugs to cover all applications in the North American and European markets. Reliability, durability and performance are world class and programs can be tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

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